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Attend time-sharing to go vacationing is hotel level different?
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Yesterday, citizen Ms. Zhao is hit into hot line of Chongqing evening paper to say, recently, she signs up attended trendy time-sharing to go vacationing, advanced all room cost ahead of schedule, but the club has discrepancy on hotel of affirmatory 4 stars class and data, she asks refund refuses.

On Feburary 24, ms. Zhao signs up attended annulus beauty to go vacationing the new-style time-sharing that the club organizes goes vacationing journey, participated in Asia-Pacific area 21 days hotel crossing-over, paid 9880 yuan housing fee ahead of schedule, inside 5 years, can be when Asia-Pacific area travel, enjoy the accommodation right that assigns a hotel 21 days. Ms. Zhao says, at the outset the public house that its offer club commitment all is above of 4 stars class, she examines the discovery after the data carefully, its extend " time-sharing goes vacationing commutative manual " in enumerated all and optional hotel, included hotel of class of a few SamSung unexpectedly, she finds this club instantly, requirement sum removes fee, refuse.

To this, annulus beauty goes vacationing wave of Xu of inspector general of club promotion department says, the public house that they offer is above of 4 stars class completely, the version that accordingly manual was 2006, ability included hotel of class of a few SamSung inside. Current, new material is being driven make, the SamSung class hotel inside will be deleted entirely. If consumer is not at ease to this, they will be made clear in the contract, if enter a public house actually,not be above of 4 stars class, sum refund. If Ms. Zhao holds to requirement refund, they report this matter the company, zhou Si gives answer.