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Head brigade will recombine meal course of study for platform with Quan Jude
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28 days head brigade group is celebrated 10 years acknowledge meeting, on the meeting a tall canal represents this group, head brigade group quickens each by Olympic Games east wind this year board piece resource is integrated, recombine meal for platform with Quan Jude. It is good to get this benefit perverse stimulate, quan Jude goes up greatly yesterday 5.41% . First have 3 to appear on the market below brigade group division company, head brigade share handed in place to appear on the market in June 2000, quan Jude was landed in November 2007 reach place greatly, "If domestic public house is interlinked " American accept Si Dake appeared on the market in October 2006. Its professional work is various and intricate, include service of project investment and management, travel, restaurant to manage reach management dietary service, culture entertainment service, cultivate, breed rasorial, food textile of treatment, property management, needle, arts and crafts is tasted, hardware hands in report, medical apparatus and instruments, computer and peripheral equipment to wait, cover eat to swim all right buy amusement 6 big board piece.

Head Yang Hua shows brigade share president on the meeting, head brigade group already supported a brigade share to become inn of group division go with wine to recombine platform certainly, will adopt " mature a batch, infuse one batch " means, in 3 work to the conformity that group subordinate hotel finishs inside lustrum. Last year on December 24, head brigade share announcement, will buy a parent company with adding hair kind publicly 3 hotels assets.

Travelling not only board piece, meal board piece brand conformity also issues signal. Before this first brigade group is platform with Quan Jude, infuse wait for meal old name with restaurant of the copy board restaurant with Man Hanquan famed banquet and Feng Zeyuan, Sichuan.

Occupy personage of know the inside story to divulge, head brigade group grows 10 years experience is not even. On Feburary 28, 1998 head brigade group holds water, the asset dimensions at that time is 8.3 billion, it is the administration company that forms by enterprise of many 30 directly under, states of many battalion of already of look forward to not beautiful. 2004, head group of city of group of brigade group, new swallow Sha, Quan Jude group, Dong Laishun group, antique 5 big groups are amalgamative recombine, make the group is in a brigade the respect implementation such as chain of condition of asset dimensions, management industry, industry spans type develops.

This year is an Olympic Games year, head brigade group still assumed many Olympic Games to welcome the job this year, involve service of the meal such as the place such as headquarters restaurant, bird's nest, athlete village, guest room, car to wait, welcome rare chance.

Head Duan Jiang of brigade group president expresses, group of prospective head brigade will serve as basic form with share-holding system reform further, the capital that boosts banner inferior card in the round is managed, the brand is managed interactive, implementation is state-owned asset value is the greatest change.
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