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Does because of,hotel management failure have He Yuan?
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Through old public house government works, visit many administrative expert, saw with one's own eyes sees the public house of a few management failure. Fine do grind analyse, summary gives following reasons:

1, professed love of what one actually fears

The hotel that boss of a few hotels stems from him to invest now (meal) management performance wants to develop once more very much relatively or stem from manage the account such as not to be pooh-poohed now, spend big price to invite professional hotel management to consult a company in succession, those who will promote a business is famous spend or competition ability, can intervene when administrative company hind, be like oneself to be managed company seize power is euqally afflictive, and will manage company or handler lay aside and neglect, it is persist one's old ways is managed independently next, with successful person or experience talk to put the proposal that runs a company in aside, free play, result lane gets even fowls and dogs are not left in peace of whole public house, personnel flow is not normal, client to complain house is tall no less than, be not waited a moment on product quality. Still meet the person says him lead, him ability waits how capable, his idea a moment how by force how. We should like to ask, don't you think with the family's proposal you spend money to bring the family why on earth? What do since manage a company to do not have ability to manage a hotel for you,you ask a family to work? Is your money much? Is contributory society bad?

2, decision-making error

The success of the hotel wants profit from decision-making and correct, and as a result of,management failure is decision-making error. Decision-making error is dilettante decision-making or the reason such as market research inadequacy causes. The hotel is decision-making those who include the field such as pair of markets, price, talent, advertisement, finance affairs is decision-making, the hotel undertakes great and decision-making when, want cautiously balance advantages and disadvantages, also can hire adviser or consult to the expert. Should use judgement or calculative decision-making law, estimate a risk adequately, disperse the risk.

3, do not unite between controller of hotel high level or hotel management layer is not firm

Highest controller because lopsided or state of mind is certain the influence of the element, bring about contain on management tilt apparently evidence, between the controller in the hotel grant aegis and interest conflict are mixed apparently become apparent, often make the hotel is hit finally inside bad news battle. Personnel is dispersive, cause hotel actual strength from this cut down, even the insolvency of the hotel. Accordingly, when the layer is combined, hotel management should have clear, effective accredit arrangement, adjust the relation between good centralization of state power and cent authority, have restrict an agreement clearly. Controller of hotel high level is being made decision-making when, the scope that should expand adequately to other controller and own advantageous position, make their interest gets assuring, let them feel schism, dispersive adverse to them.
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