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4 small move let dining-room be full of thick love
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In dining-room, have a meal at the same time, when share close feeling with family at the same time or communicating all sorts of topics with the guest, have those who observe dining room to decorate whether to let a person 100 percent satisfactory? Here is the main room that enjoys close affection and domestic socialization, how layout furniture, collocation receives ark, construct dining room so that have atmosphere more? Referenced and the following 4 kinds of methods, let dining-room kiss affection to happy and harmonious, love is full.

Idea1 pure colour foils dining-room is downy degree

Lily sideboard and glass of metal of eat chair collocation are mensal, build a contemporary and concise dining-room environment. With powdery purple metope setting serves as foil, some less cold hard drab, much cent is downy and pure, the metope of powdery purple brings bright visual result, and white furniture has the effect that the airspace widens on the vision, again tie-in and simple economic furniture, make whole dining room appears warmth, agile.

The collocation of eat edge ark

Want to let a space appear more complete, atmosphere, can match two styles are distinguished somewhat, the ark side the eat with height consistent size, put side by side in mensal a side. Among them a shelf design that is the door that take cabinet entirely, with will receive, show dinner service, the design of vitreous door makes ambry more clean and wholesome. Another cabinet that has design of an open mesa is usable will put the bread machine, juicer, electric equipment such as microwave oven, convenient repast lives, take take a thing more convenient.

Tableware mixes the selection that act the role of

In white furniture foil below, powdery purple is very attractive colour, can give a person romantic, sweet sense, with will build dining-room atmosphere very appropriate. On table deserve to act the role of can choose to compare purple of white, pink with tableware more Ming Yan the Mei of a few is gules, so that have comparative arrangement more. The flower by sideboard is worn, added the romantic and downy atmosphere of dining-room.

Idea2 bright furniture promotes dining-room little activity

To the youth of not stick to one pattern, choose a few colour to shine beautiful furniture and deserve to act the role of will decorate the cate heaven and earth in the home, can obtain very bright result. The colour of Ming Yan of mensal eat chair adds compact model, let atmosphere become lively rise; Match red of grass green Hemei together, dining-room more the breath that was full of green vogue, those who reflecting a youth is bold with vigor.

The collocation of eat edge ark

The choice is the same as design, but the ark side the eat with differ size is strewn at random put, the form of continuance dining-room not stick to one pattern feels, dan Yan color does not choose the fruit color of same dazzling, the wooden lubricious instead that uses gentler nature is OK and gentle overall atmosphere, achieve pursuit a kind " in be troubled by, have static " harmonious feeling. The drawer of edge ark has eat to receive a function formidably, but dinner service ordinal partition is put, the drawer form that close also lets store content is neater and wholesome.
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