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Blessing writes down food to enlarge limits of service sending eat
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Blessing writes down food to serve (1175)2007 year nine month turnover many yuan 13.21, relatively the corresponding period rose 2006 52.6% ; Send eat to serve turnover nine hundred and ninety-five million eight hundred and fifty thousand yuan, rise 48.2% ; Turnover of Chinese meal house one hundred and eighty-nine million eight hundred and eighty thousand yuan, rise 14.8% ; Thematic dining-room turnover seventy-six million nine hundred and ninety-two thousand yuan; Convenient food fifty-eight million two hundred and ninety-one thousand yuan, rise 105.9% ; Gain profit three hundred and eighteen million and eighty thousand yuan, rise 15.8% ; Every gain profit 60 celestial being, rise 9.9% .

Bought day of real group on November 1, 2007, manage the Jin Hansi with style of meal of type of self-help disappear idle to interlink dining-room, make group theme dining room.

The group continues to strengthen mode of perpendicular and integrated business, in order to boost core business. Cast aside except cultivate crop or production to feed capable person, the group has 4 platform of kitchen of industry of a world-class, fountainhead to purchase reach 7 machining center, ground distinguish first annul reach machining center and two are in build area cent to sell the value chain that reachs machining center composition, but upper reaches of be well versed in, middle reaches and downstream business. Bring dimensions economic benefits and consistent quality, also produce cost effectiveness. The industry that group place builds leads platform, remove higher threshold to enter the person that go newly to build, lay solid foundation to bring the downstream business of considerable income to develop at the same time, reduce in recent years food price rises, what bring inflationary pressure to reach allocate raw material more effectively.

Downstream business includes the group service sending eat, cafeteria and convenient food; Suzhou is reached in Beijing, Shanghai recently new in increasing 3, the house reachs eat to was bought in November 2007 " Jin Hansi " the theme interlinks dining-room.

Service revenue sending eat rises 48.2% , management profit rises 36.9% , daily accrete produces 700 thousand, relatively much in December 2006 34.6% , occupy total turnover 75.4% . The product includes to be made reach half finished products, main client is project of dinning hall of area of garden of factory, industry, university, mart, exhibition and motion, the group believes to still develop this one huge market not completely. The orgnaization sends eat turnover twenty-six million eight hundred and sixty-five thousand yuan, this business is to be railroad client to supply half manufactured goods, future can enlarge service limits to service station of each travel dot, freeway, army and shipping foothold. Group product can be in not must be refrigerated or add keep fresh under antiseptic more than 30 days, can abound eat to taste the little taste that reachs different deal to pack food so, bring for consumer convenient reach offer degree of body to order for different market or organization make menu or prandial deal.
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